Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rage

Got my period today
seven days early as though the
world of lady laws follows our
tricky calendar and takes notice when it
is not a leap year
and earlier too my friend
Abi and I helplessly drawn together
like magnets and pulled again
by the inevitable tide of another friend
a girl her eyes wide
hands folded over belly
we all got the rage at the same time
and ate candy out of each others hands
while violently cursing the world
and who knows who else we know
but here we stand- small, medium, and tall
all bleeding and cursing and pale
no wonder men think
we are beautiful monsters.

(If you want to see more beautiful photographs like the one above, click here.)


All This Trouble... said...

So pretty. So true.

Ms. Moon said...

Mama say, Knock Me Out!!!
Dang, girl. That was gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

very cool --

Mwa said...

I feel the need to comment and just tell you - again - that was beautiful.

Petit fleur said...

Funny how that happens. Hope you have lots of chocolate and good movies.

It only gets weirder when you get to be my age!


All This Trouble... said...

I went and looked at many of the photographs. Wow. The ones in the caves stunned me. And the falling stuff! And the deer jumping from the girl's arms! And the nudes are all so interesting! I'm truly amazed!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I just love you--that's mostly all I have to say. Oh, and I don't notice shit. I had to scroll back up and look at the damn picture. It is beautiful. Thanks for pointing it out.

Jo said...

Perfect :)

michelle said...

So know the feeling.

I'm 2 days late and was snapping at the kids last night. Something I usually don't do. Jack looked at me with his big smile and said "mom, you didn't get your period yet did you?"

It made me laugh and lighened my right up.

I'm usually not a fan of poetry, but this poem I love.